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a John Simm LiveJournal community

Simm!Love Basics
Simm!Love was blatantly ripped off from inspired by tennant_love and created in September 2010 to bring fans of the incredibly talented actor, John Simm together. The community's purpose is to not only share love for the actor, but also to enjoy the many works he has participated in. New fans are always welcome!

Why John Simm?
An incredible actor and musician, John Simm is outstanding in everything he does. A highly versatile actor with a unique charm and charisma, making him easily one of the finest actors of his generation.

Important Rules
♪ Respect is enforced in this community. I do not want fandom or ship wars. That is better served elsewhere, preferably on your own journal.
♪ Adult content is allowed but must be placed behind a cut with appropriate warnings and ratings.
♪ Please place spoilers and large images behind a cut.
♪ When in doubt, lock it out. This goes for downloads in particular.

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LJ: Tennant!Love
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