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I'm probably going to cross-post this to a number of different communities, so apologies if you think you've just seen this somewhere else...

After the last few episodes of Doctor Who, I'm keener than ever to see John's Master appear on screen with Matt's Doctor. I keep trying to write fic about it, and really need some images to help me visualise the moment when the Master sets eyes on the Doctor's new face.

So are there any manips of SimmMaster and Eleven out there?? All links most gratefully received... XD
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OK, I really hope this is allowed here! A friend is writing a thesis for her MA and her subject is Life on Mars - 'Everyman and his audience - 1973 as a transitional space in Life on Mars'. The survey is anonymous and it would really help her enormously if as many people could respond as soon as and as quickly as possible. I think they're fascinating questions and it won't take long (a few minutes) - there are sections where you can enlarge on your responses if you wish, but it's not mandatory.

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03 July 2011 @ 09:25 pm
The Moving On episode starring John, "Malaise", will be repeated tonight on BBC1, 22:55-23:40.
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17 June 2011 @ 10:25 pm
Just a little heads-up that there are a number of Exile stories on my Simmply Fic Website (as well as Mad Dogs and even Crime and Punishment):

I suppose these ought now (as Jinxed100 suggested!) to be called The Exile Chronicles XD :

Blizzard on a Broken Mirror Part One: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile--blizzard-on-a-broken-mirror-12.html

Blizzard on a Broken Mirror Part Two: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile---blizzard-on-a-broken-mirror-22.html

Cuffed: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile---cuffed.html

Next of Kin: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/next-of-kin---an-exile-story.html

and Parts One to Three of the WIP, Shaming The Devil :

Shaming the Devil Part One: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile---shaming-the-devil---part-1.html

Shaming the Devil Part Two: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile---shaming-the-devil-part-2.html

Shaming the Devil Part Three: http://simmplyfic.weebly.com/exile---shaming-the-devil-part-3.html

As always, I'd very much appreciate feedback; comments, criticism, whatever. XD
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16 June 2011 @ 12:18 am
The Simm-ply Simm forum has Exile DVDs to win! Simply answer a question - draw ends 20th June. Enter here: http://www.johnsimm.net/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=2620

With thanks to Cultlabs for their generosity!
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Title: The Sweet Shop at the End of the Universe
Fandom: Doctor Who/Life on Mars/The Devil's Whore
Rating: PG - 12
Word count: 800
Notes: With thanks to my friends jinxed100 and phyllisdobbs01  who are at least in part responsible for this fic
Apologies to Douglas Adams for using his title, and the original creators of the characters who would have never anticipated this.
Summary: Pure crack and self indulgent.  Although as you will see, I wasn't the only one to indulge.

The Sweet Shop at the End of the Universe
22 May 2011 @ 05:01 pm
Music: Marianas Trench - Acadia
Fandom: Exile
Characters: Tom Ronstadt
Warnings: None

   (I remember the faces and familiar places, and I sing along but Acadia is gone)
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20 May 2011 @ 06:40 pm
Bafta television awards 2011: Small-screen stars in pictures

Ahead of the Philips British Academy Television Awards on Sunday, photographer Phil Fisk shares his extraordinary portfolio of television stars.

John Simm
Watching TV dramas can be a busman’s holiday,” admits John Simm. “I watch them differently, wondering why they did that shot, why it was like that.” Looking at his CV, it’s easy to see why he might feel that way. As well as working with the best drama writers in television today – Paul Abbott, Jimmy McGovern, Peter Flannery, Abi Morgan – Simm’s also found mainstream adoration both as Doctor Who’s nemesis The Master and as Sam Tyler, the “back in time” cop from Life on Mars. This year he appeared in black comedy Mad Dogs – Bafta-nominated for best drama serial – and the dysfunctional family drama Exile. Shooting Mad Dogs, he says, was tremendous fun; Exile was just tremendous. “The set was a riot; Olivia Colman and Jim Broadbent were a right old laugh. We had to make it fun or it would have been the most depressing job in the world – the script was so heavy and so good.”
Also 'Exile' is up for best new Drama too. Vote here: http://www.tvchoicemagazine.co.uk/awards/2011
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Title: Shaming the Devil
Author: Edzel2
Genre: Exile, post-Episode 3
Rating: Adult for themes and language
Word Count: This part: 4,412
Summary: Following his expose of Metzler, Tom is offered a job on the Lancashire Evening News. On the surface, all seems well apart from his father’s inexorable decline – Nancy is eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby and Tom’s relationship with Mandy has reached the point where she wants them to set up home together. For Tom, this is a double-edged sword; he loves Mandy but feels that domesticity may blunt his new-found journalistic edge. And there is also Mike to consider – he had given them his blessing but when the divorce papers arrive will he still be quite so munificent?
Add to this the occasional dark moods which possess Tom and which no amount of female comfort would seem to banish, and Tom finds himself giving in to cravings he hoped he had left behind in London...

With thanks to my lovely Beta, Jinxed!

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